Every Sunday at 10am EST

In person at 515 Woodford Street in Portland, Maine

& on Zoom

Zoom Worship Link

Dial in audio: 1.929.205.6099

Meeting ID: 533 469 2118

send an email here to receive the passcode.  (then check your spam folder.) 

Joining us for the first time online?

If you're a first time visitor, we'll ask you to complete this form, to help ensure a safe online worship space. Upon arriving in worship, please remember to 'put on your name tag' (change your screen name to reflect who is with you in worship). This is one way we can stay connected and put faces with names during this time of distancing. See you there!

Our services are also live-streamed on our HopeGateWay facebook page. Services are streamed until the time of our sharing of joys and concerns, for privacy and respect of all who are sharing.

Our worship gatherings are inter-generational, informal, interactive, and sensory-rich, blending classic and contemporary elements. Music includes a mix of music from the global church, contemporary songs with theological integrity and traditional hymns (sometimes with a little twist!)

We welcome newcomers nearly every week.

We'd be so glad to have you join us!

HopeGateWay Kids is on hiatus. Please check back in the fall for multi-sensory, interactive explorations of the Bible and concepts of faith for kids, through storytelling, music, art, and fun. 

Learn more about our ministries with children and youth here.

Find out about our current worship series here.

Listen to recordings of past sermons here.

Our approach

Our worship strives to be authentic to our ancient faith while employing the rich resources of our contemporary context: digital media and technology, many genres of music, prayer resources from the global church, visual arts, poetry, dance, conversation, and the spoken word, to engage participants by appealing to all the senses. 

Worship is not separate from service in the world, and it's not just something we do for one hour on Sundays. True worship sends us out into a hurting world to be instruments of hope, healing, peace, and justice - and that kind of worship continues 24/7.

Author Frederick Beuchner says, "To worship God means to serve God. Basically there are two ways to do it. One way is to do things for God that God needs to have done: run errands for God, carry messages for God, fight on God's side, feed God's lambs, and so on. The other way is to do things for God that you need to do: sing songs for God, create beautiful things for God, tell God what's on your mind and in your heart, in general rejoice in God and make a fool of yourself for God the way lovers have always made fools of themselves for the one they love."

This is what we do in worship: we make fools of ourselves for the one we love. We're renewed and strengthened in the process. And we have fun doing it.


We aim to create a hospitable welcome for all who come to HopeGateWay, especially those who are visiting for the first time and those for whom the building creates access challenges. 

Our parking lot, accessible from Woodford Street, has  seven marked spaces. We are reserving these parking spots close to our building for those who have issues with stairs and walking distances. Maybe that is you. If so, please feel free to use those spots.


If you are able to walk short distances and climb stairs, we encourage you to park in the lot at Eyes on Rosemont across the street, or on a side street (Columbia Road, Gay Street, or Rosemont Avenue). There are parking spots in the Eyes on Rosemont, 207 Periodontics lot to the side of the building and around to the back. 

There are also a few parking spots (4) right out front on Woodford Street that are available for our use on Sundays and holidays — make sure you park between the signs.