Yeah, we know it can be a little intimidating walking into a new church community for the first time. Sometimes it feels like walking into someone else's family reunion, doesn't it? 

But we hope you'll come anyway. We're pretty good at making newcomers feel welcome, without being too touchy-feely. We hope you'll give HopeGateWay a try some Sunday morning at 9 am or 11 am. 

NOTE: Because of COVID-19, we are worshipping online at 11 am every Sunday. Please join us via Zoom!

In addition to coming to worship, there are lots of ways to participate more deeply — by joining a small group, attending a one-time gathering just for fun, helping out with a service project, making some cookies to share, playing or singing with our musical ensemble, reading a prayer, stacking chairs when after worship, or something else. It takes a lot of people to pull off worship and the rest of our ministry, and we'd love to help you get connected.

Check out the What's Happening page for details.

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