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Every Sunday at 11 am (Eastern time)

April 25, 2021  

Zoom link for worship

Dial in audio: 1.929.205.6099

Meeting ID: 533 469 2118

HopeGateWay Kids

Sundays at 9:30am on Zoom

HGW Kids generally runs for 30 minutes on Zoom, is open to any kid age 3 through 5th grade and is always interactive. We hope you'll join us! We will incorporate movement, crafts, games, story books and discussion. Some activities will also be posted in the HGW Kids Facebook group, for families to do at home. Contact Erica for more information! 

Portland Ecumenical Youth Group

HopeGateWay is a part of Portland's Ecumenical youth group, joining young people grades 7-12 from State Street UCC, Woodfords Congregational Church, St. Luke's Episcopal Cathedral, and Williston-Immanuel United Church.

Youth Social Justice Conversation • Zoom

The social justice group is working on rescheduling after learning about a couple of people who are interested but can’t make the timing. Please reach out to Hannah for further details.

HopeGateWay Antiracism Imperative newsletter

Antiracism Imperative Newsletter #13: March 31, 2021

Antiracism Policy Group

Tuesday, April 20: 6:30-7:30pm

There continue to be important developments in anti-racism policy work. The legislature is considering LD 718, which would allow everyone in Maine with incomes less than 138% of the federal poverty level to get care through MaineCare, including immigrants. Maine provided this care for immigrants through Medicaid until 2011, when discriminatory policies during the LePage era stripped it away.

At the federal level, the recently enacted America Rescue Plan is being described as the biggest anti-poverty plan since the expansion of Social Security back in the 1960s. Researchers believe the law could reduce the overall poverty rate from 12.6% to 9%, with larger reductions for Black and Hispanic families. And it is projected to cut child poverty by as much as half. It also includes significant reforms that will impact wide ranging groups from Native Americans to Black farmers. 

Also at the federal level, the Senate is considering the For the People Act, which was has been passed by the House of Representatives. The proposed law addresses a broad range of voting rights issues. It is vitally important in the face of the recent law passed in Georgia which restricts voting access for people of color and others, and which is being described as a return to Jim Crow. Many other states are considering similar laws. If you are interested in attending, or in learning more, please email KathyEvelyn or Carter for more information or join the meeting here.

Parents Connect

Tuesday, April 27: 8 pm on Zoom

Parents with children at home, connect and socialize with other parents in this Zoom meetup facilitated by HopeGateWay’s Children & Family Ministries Coordinator, Erica Lovejoy. Contact Erica for more information.

Faith Based Advocacy Series presented by the Maine Council of Churches

Final Zoom session: April 27 - 6pm to 7:30pm

One session remains in Maine Council of Churches' four-part online series designed to inspire and equip Mainers of faith to become advocates for public policies that promote peace built with justice and justice guided by love. Each session will include worship (led by Rev. Sara Ewing Merrill), engaging interactive discussions featuring theologians, policy experts and legislators, and opportunities to develop real-world skills and practice in speaking about policy with the voice of faith. HopeGateWay has paid the registration fee for all who wish to attend. If you would like to participate, please email Bethany. Even if you have not attended other sessions, you may still attend the final session. All are welcome. Session description below.

April 27 – Practice, Practice, Practice

Former Maine state legislators will reflect on their experiences in Augusta and offer advice to faith-based advocates on how to be most effective. They will also hold a mock committee hearing to provide participants with the chance to present testimony and receive feedback on how their message was received.

Restorative Justice and Peacekeeping Circles

Wednesday, May 5 • 6:30-8:30 pm

Join in a conversation to learn about Restorative Justice efforts in our community, as well as a Peacekeeping Circle model of restorative dialogue. We will be joined by Fred Van Liew, Restorative Justice Coordinator for Cumberland County. Fred will lead our gathering, centered around Restorative Justice practices and Peacekeeping Circles. This event will be limited to ten vaccinated individuals and will take place in person, at HopeGateWay. We will continue to observe social distancing and masking. If we have enough interest, Fred has offered to lead this again, accommodating a second group of up to 10. Please register by Friday, April 30th.

Family Promise

We are so grateful for to be able to partner with several of our Family Promise graduate families. Your compassion and community support is a blessing during this time of uncertainty. We continue to provide basics such as bus passes, help with groceries and Portland trash bags. The families have been very appreciative of your contributions and caring. So we are not only appreciative to all of you who have donated, but we also appreciate these graduate families who are willing to allow us to partner with them in the midst of this uncertain time. Monetary donations to be used in support of all of our Family Promise graduate families may be sent to HopeGateWay at 509 Forest Ave, Portland, ME 04101. Thank you for your continuing love and care for all in our community! Please contact Shantia or Cassie with any questions.

Gateways Daily Reflection

Did you know we send out a daily morning prayer, reflection, or Scripture reading - with a daily question to ponder and reflect on? Consider trying this as a new spiritual practice. We'd love to add you to our list!   Subscribe here.

Sing along with the HopeGateWay Virtual Choir
Do you ever have worship songs going through your mind long after worship? You can now sing along at home any day of the week! Kelly and the HopeGateWay Acapella Virtual Choir creates a new song recording for worship every week. So our library of songs is growing!  You can listen at this link.


Thank you for your generosity!

Some have asked how to send a donation to HopeGateWay during this time of virtual worship. You may give through our website or send a check to 509 Forest Avenue, Portland, ME 04101. Thank you so much for your generous support of HopeGateWay's ministry and programs as we navigate through this time apart, together.

Grab a CLYNK Bag and Support HopeGateWay!

Support the ministry and mission of HopeGateWay in a super easy way! Just pick up one of our Clynk bags in our lobby, fill it with returnable bottles and cans, and return it to Hannaford. If you have a personal Clynk account, you can also donate your balance to HGW! Your gift through the Clynk fundraiser helps us to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God!


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