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Sunday Worship at 509 High Street and Online via Zoom:  10am (EST)

Zoom link for worship

Dial in audio: 1.929.205.6099

Meeting ID: 533 469 2118

Current Worship Series: Water, Water Everywhere

Water! It's over 70% of the planet, about 60% of our bodies, and all over Scripture, too. This month, as some of us head to the water to enjoy the warmth, or as we watch vegetation respond to its touch, or as we drink in our daily sustenance: let's explore just some of the ways in which God uses this vital essence to teach and nourish us. 

We are currently requiring masks for in-person worship.

All are welcome for in-person worship. All who gather are required to wear a KN95 mask at all times in the building, with the exception of small children 2 and under who cannot effectively wear a mask or keep their mask on. Those in leadership roles who are unmasking to sing or speak will take a covid test prior to worship. In addition, we have a highly efficient air filtration system and purifiers in our space running throughout the service.  For more information, please check out our Covid-19 Response.

Laundry Love Volunteers Requested!

August 10 • 1-3:30 / 3:30-5:45

Since January, Trinity Episcopal Church, our neighbor, has been offering "Laundry Love" at the Wash Tub II laundromat on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Laundry Love is the free use of washers and dryers, detergent and dryer sheets to all those who show up to do their laundry at a specified day and time. This is an extremely needed service in Portland where many cannot afford or easily access laundry facilities on a regular basis. Trinity has invited HopeGateWay to partner with them in this effort by offering two volunteers each month. Volunteers will be greeting and interacting with those doing their laundry as well as some children. Time will be spent both standing and sitting. The shifts will be from 1 - 3:30pm and from 3:30 - 5:45 pm. Please reach out to Bethany for more information. Wash Tub II is located at 449 Forest Avenue near CVS.

Labor Day Service Project

Sunday, September 4 • 10am

On Sunday, September 4, our worship will look a bit different! We'll join together at 509 Forest Avenue and do a service project together for those experiencing homelessness in our community. We'll have new socks, mini toothpaste, snack bars, small gift cards to local businesses (so folks can get a bite or drink and use a clean restroom), etc. We'll organize and group these in a way that's easy to give away and we'll enjoy one another's company.

This opportunity gives us a different way to worship and gives our Sunday morning volunteers a break before we dive into the fall. If the weather cooperates, we'll even enjoy a small brunch together in the alleyway. More information to come. We hope you'll be able to join in the celebration.

If you won't be able to attend at 509 on the 4th of September, we encourage you to spend some time that morning on an act of kindness for someone and consciously spread some joy!

HopeGateWay Lending Library

Throughout Lent, we procured a lending library of titles related to Disability and Accessibility. We are grateful to Courtney for recommending these titles. These books are available to everyone to borrow. We will be adding lots more titles soon, specifically related to antiracism and other justice issues, titles which have also been recommended by folks in HopeGateWay community. We hope this will be a beneficial resource to all as we learn and grow together.

Community Care: Caring for One Another

At HopeGateWay, we follow Jesus' invitation to "love one another as I have loved you." Sometimes we offer our gifts and support and at other times we find ourselves on the receiving end. This is community, the kind of community that we want to be, graciously giving and receiving. Currently, we are providing meals for two families and we are looking for drivers willing to give rides to one or two people before and after worship on Sunday mornings. Please contact our Care Coordinator, Diane McClanahan if you'd be willing to help! If you need assistance with some home cooked meals, groceries, errands or a visit, please contact Diane.

HopeGateWay encourages at-home Covid testing
All of the speakers who are unmasking for in-person worship will continue to test at home before coming to worship.  We have been collecting tests via donations and giving them out to speakers and singers so they can refill their supplies. If you have some extras to share, we would be glad to take them.  If you are having a hard time accessing tests and need some please let us know. At home tests are more available than ever before and can be found for free through various means. Here are some of them:

2022 Gifts and Talents Survey

Please take the time to fill out our 2022 Gifts and Talents Survey. Let us know ways in which you'd like to serve in the HopeGateWay community and beyond! In this way, we can organize ourselves creatively, serving in ways which feel most authentic and life-giving!

Gateways Daily Reflection

Each morning, we send out a prayer, reflection, or Scripture reading, along with a daily question to ponder. Consider trying this as a new spiritual practice. We'd love to add you to our list! Subscribe here.

Sing along with the HopeGateWay Virtual Choir
Do you ever have worship songs going through your mind long after worship? You can now sing along at home any day of the week! Kelly and the HopeGateWay Acapella Virtual Choir creates a new song recording for worship every week. So our library of songs is growing! You can listen at this link.

Worship anytime!
Facebook Livestream and on-demand video

Worship services are live-streamed in and recorded on Facebook. So if you miss worship or just prefer an earlier or later time, you can always join us!

Thank you for your faithful Stewardship!

Your generosity fuels HopeGateWay's Micah 6:8 mission to "do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God."  You can access all of the materials to make your pledge commitment for 2022 here. You may also make a one-time or recurring gift through our website or send a check to 509 Forest Avenue, Portland, ME 04101. Thank you so much for your generous support of HopeGateWay's ministry and programs. We have so much to be thankful for as we have been navigating through these challenging times, together. 

Grab a CLYNK Bag and Support HopeGateWay

Support the ministry and mission of HopeGateWay in a super easy way! Just pick up one of our Clynk bags in the green tote in our lobby, fill it with returnable bottles and cans, and return it to a Clynk collection site near Hannaford. If you have a personal Clynk account, you can also donate your balance to HopeGateWay! 


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