12-step recovery meetings


HopeGateWay is closed until further notice, and all 12-step meetings are suspended as a public health precaution.

Please check with your group members for alternative ways to stay connected and healthy. You are loved!

HopeGateWay hosts a number of weekly 12-step-based meetings, all of which are founded in a spiritual solution to addiction recovery. Our community practices — "believe, belong, be in service" — form a foundation that welcomes all who are working to improve conscious contact with God — however God is understood. 

Through prayer and meditation, the experience of transformation is made possible. Portland's large and active 12-step recovery community has long had a spiritual home at HopeGateWay and it is a true blessing to walk alongside those putting (often new-found) faith into action, learning to cultivate and improve individual relationships with God by living spiritual practices and helping each other along the way.

Here is the current 12-step meeting schedule:

  • Shambala Heart of Recovery |  Mondays | 6:30 pm
  • Women’s Conduct / 12 Steps  |  Tuesdays | 5:45 pm
  • Step Sisters / Women’s Big Book  |  Tuesdays | 7 pm   
  • Chapter 2 / AA  |  Wednesdays | 7 pm  
  • Ladies Night / CA  |  Thursdays | 7:30 pm  
  • Late Night Faith / AA  |  Fridays | 9 pm  
  • SLAA / Augustine Fellowship (Men)  |  Saturdays | 9:00 am
  • Out of the Dark / Candlelight CA  |  Saturdays | 6 pm  

Questions? email: hello@hopegateway.com