our current worship series

The God Who Riots

Our worship series is inspired by the book The God Who Riots: Taking Back the Radical Jesus, written by popular YouTuber and public theologian Damon Garcia. Our goal in this series is to connect with the Jesus who flipped tables in the temple and led an empire-destabilizing movement for liberation. The spirit of this God is embodied in today's protests, riots, and strikes. As we join this struggle for liberation, we are joining the God who riots alongside us, within us, and through us. Jesus said the Spirit of the Lord anointed him "to let the oppressed go free," and those of us who claim to follow Jesus today must commit to this radical mission of liberation. Join us for a time of reflection, action, reckoning, reparations, and transformation as we get to know Jesus, the God who Riots. 

Celebrate with us.

Please join us at 10:00 am Sunday via Zoom or at 509 Forest Ave for a time of worship and fellowship. We'll share some music, lift up our joys and concerns, pray together, and even share Communion from the safety of our homes or masked together. (If you're joining us from home feel free to get a beverage and crackers, or whatever you like, ready to go).

We are currently encouraging masks for in-person worship.

Masks are now optional, but many people wear them during worship. In addition, we have a highly efficient air filtration system and purifiers in our space running throughout the service.

We post our weekly Zoom Worship meeting link on our main worship page.


Worship anytime!

Facebook Livestream and on-demand video

Worship services are live-streamed in and recorded on Facebook. So if you miss worship or just prefer an earlier or later time, you can always join us!