Members of the HopeGateWay community share what this community means to them.

  • HGW is a fun, loving, and inclusive community of spiritual seekers who are committed to social justice and lifting up the marginalized and oppressed.  They have melted a lifetime of prejudice towards organized religion and shown me what it truly means to follow Christ.    — Heather Barry

  • HopeGateWay represents for me the way church ought to be: compassionate, caring, justice-oriented, open to all, and proclaiming a God through Christ who loves all and invites all into relationship.   — Don Rudalevige

  • For me HopeGateWay is a place to breathe.  It's a warm, firelit room during a cold night, surrounded by your favorite family members, the Spirit wrapped around you like a home-knit blanket.  It's the space to go before you take on the next challenge, where you are fed and warmed and made ready to strike out again.  
    Patsy Frey-Davis

  • Being part of this amazing community keeps us anchored to “the better angels of our nature.” In this world of hatred and division we experience here what Martin Luther King, Jr. called “the beloved community.” HopeGateWay gives us Hope for the future, a Gate that is open to everyone, and a Way forward to a better world.  

    Bob Moore & Evelyn Johnson Moore

  • HopeGateWay for me represents all that I am in this country. HopeGateWay gives me the hope of a better future by faith in Jesus Christ. With HopeGateWay, now I am a member of a family in which I feel like I am at home, where I feel fully integrated into my new life here in America. God bless you.   

    Armand Turinyungu

  • To me, HopeGateWay is a harbor. It takes us in from all ports of life, gives us rest from the open seas, and sends us replenished to do the work of building the
    kin-dom.   — Ophelia Hu Kinney

  • HopeGateWay is the place where I feel warmly greeted and genuinely accepted, where Love is walked out in a tangible way.

    Cassie Moon

  • At HopeGateway, one feels to be a meaningful part of a movement with

    an enduring belief in the power of goodness, demonstrated best through acts of love, compassion, and unconditional acceptance.   — Steve Moon

  • HopeGateWay is a place where I feel challenged and encouraged to grow, and yet completely accepted for who I am. I am grateful to be surrounded by so many generous and thoughtful people, all learning how to live out their faith.   

    Carolyn Turnidge

  • HopeGateWay is a place where our family has gained a large multi-cultural, 

    multi-generational extended family. Each week our children are engaged in conversations and passed around the room by a congregation who mirror God’s love to them without even trying. Watching them be embraced by this community is truly a gift.   — Erica Lovejoy

  • HopeGateWay is a place that lovingly embraces me in all my messiness and uncertainty — a place where my children can be children and where everyone sings with energy and joy. I love HopeGateWay because our community is not afraid to tackle the tough issues and the tough questions, and because it challenges me to a life of intentional justice seeking and kindness towards all people.     — Courtney Tabor-Abbott

  • The HopeGateWay community is a reminder to me that God's kin-dom is being built right before my very eyes. That warms my heart and gives me tremendous hope.    — Jeff Huot

  • HopeGateWay is alive! It’s a movement, with a message, music, children to nurture, voices for justice – and mission commitments to match them. We are diverse in age, ethnicity, sexual preference, and economics. We continue to consider how else we can serve each other and the community. HopeGateWay offers both of us HOPE for the reality of a vital, growing, seeking community of faith.    — Shantia & Jonathan Wright-Gray