A Good Enough Lent

"We live in a culture bent on definitions of a good life as continuous upward mobility — climbing ladders of prosperity with increasingly fabulous experiences that we can post to ever-more-likable social media accounts. We may comb the shelves of the self-help section in search of just the right formula to gain success. Perhaps we even gravitate towards spiritual leaders who promise great rewards if we only do 'the right thing.' But life happens, right? Most times we are not moving upward but trying to repair the rung we’ve just slipped from. So what if we stopped climbing and started fertilizing, watering, and blooming right where we find ourselves? Welcome to a Lent of affirming a faith in which we are blessed, regardless, and where we can lean into embracing our 'good enough' lives." 

— from A Good Enough Lent, by Kate Bowler

We are doing worship differently some Sundays for this Lenten series. On March 19, you'll be able to join in a baking project in someone's home or at 509 Forest Ave. On Palm Sunday, we'll meet in Congress Square. More information will be shared as we travel together. We look forward to this journey with you through A Good Enough Lent.

March 12   We Are Unfinished: Table Discussion

March 19   Practicing Imperfection: Cookie Baking In Homes

March 26   Loved And Broken: Sara Preaching

April 2       Palm Sunday: Public Protest In Congress Square