Have you felt overwhelmed by

injustice or bigotry this year?

In a moment when these themes seem to take center stage, it can feel impossible to work for change without burning out.

Thankfully, we are rooted in a tradition filled with people who lived lives of active resistance to hatred and oppression. During this retreat, we'll explore the spiritual roots of sacred resistance through simple practices that make justice into joyful work that can last a lifetime.

We’ll also learn simple, portable prayer practices that can root us every day in God’s love, and we’ll use silence and sabbath to rest and recharge our spirits. (With lots of food, fellowship, and free time along the way!)


  • $150 per adult/child over age 12
  • Free for children under age 3; $50 for ages 3-12
  • Payment plan available
  • Registration & payment (or 4-month payment plan, $37.50/month) due by September 23
  • Includes 2 nights’ room & board and 4 meals
  • Plenty of free time for walking trails, pool, hot tub, fitness room, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, tennis, playground, art, games, and more!
  • Childcare provided parts of Saturday


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to use my phone?

Although cell service is limited, there's free WiFi at the retreat center.

Is the retreat only for folks who are super-involved at HopeGateWay?

Not at all! Every year, retreat attendants are a mix of people who've been at HopeGateWay for a long time and people who are brand new to our community.

What's the room and bed situation like?

Most attendants share rooms with full beds or bunk beds. We can accommodate roommate preferences, and families can be placed in the same room. Attendants can pay an additional amount for a single- or double-occupancy private room.

What's the food situation like?

There's a whole lot of food! The on-site Traditions Restaurant has buffet-style dining, and attendants eat together as a community. If you have dietary restrictions, please note that on your registration, and we'll make sure the Restaurant takes care of you.

Will we get any free time?

On Saturday, there will be ample free time built into the schedule.

What kinds of activities will we do?

In addition to the fellowship, learning, prayer, and musical worship we'll enjoy together, we can also hike, canoe, kayak, take a walk outside, meditate, and more!

Will I be the only new person? 

In most recent years, there have been multiple first-time attendants.

Will childcare be available?

Childcare is available at the retreat center for part of Saturday.

Will there be a carpool going to the retreat center?

Most likely, yes. Once all attendants have registered, we can plan carpools.


"At Fall Retreat, I get to spend three days with other Christian sisters and brothers in the HGW community talking, meditating, and sharing ideas about how to move forward in our Christian Journey. In addition, I have a wonderful time walking in the forest, climbing mountains, and riding in a canoe." 

- Armand Turinyungu

"Whenever I go on a retreat, I have never failed to experience what I need at that point in my life - maybe something I didn't even know I needed. Fall Retreat means stepping back from what drains me and giving myself time and space to be replenished and renewed."

- Evelyn Johnson-Moore

"I first went to Fall Retreat when I was totally new to HGW, and I'll be forever grateful for how it helped me feel instantly more integrated into the church. As an introvert, I love how much free time is scheduled to rest, play, and simply be - by yourself, with just a few friends, or with the whole group."

- Hayli Hu Kinney

"Here are some benefits of Fall Retreat:

- Finding more time for your relationship with God

- Chance to share your live with church members, especially our Pastors (Allen, Sarah, retired if any)

- Evaluate our Christian life

- Make a wish and have the whole team pray for you. It worked for me! Prayers are being answered now.

- Opportunity to explore nature and Seasons change

- Hear life experiences with God of other people.

- Enjoying new recipies (food) and life without internet network!

- Odette Nyirabahire

Retreat Leader: Ben Yosua-Davis

Ben Yosua-Davis is a musician, retreat leader, and podcast host. He spends most of his time telling the hopeful stories of the new forms of spiritual community emerging on the edges of American empire and teaching people about the spiritual practices needed to sustain a lifetime in faithful, bold, creative ministry. He is currently the worship leader for the Academy for Spiritual Formation and lives on Chebeague Island, ME, with his wife, Melissa, and his son, Michael, where he directs the local community chorus, directs music at the community church, and shamelessly plays obscure board games in his free time.