our current worship series

Non-Toxic Christianity

Celebrate with us   •  Sundays at 9 am + 11 am

In a time when Christianity seems to be co-opted by forces of prosperity, unity, and condemnation we need to remind ourselves what Jesus really stood for. Sara and Ophelia will be sharing topics during Sept and Oct that ground us in the way of Jesus instead of the American Gospel. 

Come to Hope Gate Way starting this Sunday to hear about the lies that:

  • We have to maintain Christian unity at all costs
  • Humans are the worst
  • God blesses the faithful with riches
  • An angry God sent Jesus to die because of our sins
  • It's our job to save people from hell

...and come to hear about more fruit-bearing, life-giving alternatives to these myths. This series could have been a year long, but let's start here!

Join us each week at 9 am or 11 am, and invite a friend to join you!

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